Cressi AC2 / XS2 Regulator


XS2/AC2 is the most inexpensive regulator in the Cressi range. The XS2 2nd stage comes with the traditional Cressi AC2 piston 1st stage.

Constantly reviewed over the years, this regulator has lots of admirers in the world due to the fact that it is extremely simple and strong, features that make it easy to use and result in low-cost maintenance.


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2nd stage XS2

The body of the 2nd stage is traditionally sized, made from hi-tech polymers and with a lateral valve downstream system with adjustable orifice, simple and extremely reliable.

A flow of pilot air is channelled to the mouthpiece by injection, enhancing the performance. The 2nd stage comes with a a flow deviator that acts on the Venturi effect, with dive/pre-dive function.

In any case, performance levels are high, and it is suitable for any kind of dive.

1st stage

XS2 comes with the traditional Cressi AC2 piston model. This is a non-balanced first stage with such high performance that it can be compared to lots of excellent balanced models.

The small number of components, the low weight and the excellent materials make it the strongest Cressi first stages, and the most steadfast to maltreatment, a real “working horse” amongst regulators.

An ingenious bush system allows easy and rapid external regulation of the intermediate pressure.

It comes in three versions: INT, DIN 200 bar and DIN 300 bar.

Technical features



AC2 piston 1st stage
Working pressure (INT connection) 0-232 bar
Working pressure (DIN connection) 0-300 bar
Calibration pressure 9.5-10 bar
Calibration adjustment range /- 0.5 bar
Air supply 2100 l/min (*)
High pressure seats (HP) 1
Low pressure seats (LP) 4

(*)values measured at LP seat outlet with second stage connected and 150 bar pressure in the cylinders.



XS2 2nd stage

  • Average inhale effort (*) 10 mbar
  • Average exhale effort (*) 13 mbar
  • Average breathing work (*) 1.4 J/l
  • Air supply 1050 l/m
  • Weight without hose 200 g

(*)values measured in compliance with UNI EN 250 standards.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in



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