Poseidon Xstream 1st Stage


The objective; design the most reliable HP valve in the world. Every engineer knows the benfits of using balls in valve arrangements, since they will never be misplaced and will always find their perfect position.



The first stage is a balanced rolling diaphragm ball valve producing extreme leak tightness. Conventional designs are sensitive to wear, misalignment, and manufacturing precision. A ball always finds its correct place. Combined with the 2nd stage, the enormous capacity of the 1st stage make the regulator meet the EN 250 breathing performance requirements even at as low as 16 bar (232psi) cylinder pressure. This means that you gain an extra 34bar (493 psi) of gas compared to most other regulators!
The Xstream construction requires less o-rings than any other regulator. Except for sealing the blind screws (3-4),
there is just 1 sealing o-ring (semi-static) in the bottom mounted versions and 2 in the side mounted. The hose routing is developed to be optimised for a redundant system, using two regulators. The HP ports are positioned to accommodate the use of gas monitoring computers e.g. first stage mounted HP sender/receive unit

By inventing the oating seat (which automatically repositions the ball) the increased upstream pressure is balanced equally with increased and counter-acting compression forces from the pressure adjustment spring, maintaining the bene ts of having a perfect ball as the sealing element. The Xstream regulator is also self-balancing, which gives the same high performance irrespective of the pressure in the cylinder. When the seat is moved upwards by the high pressure, the design causes the upper pressure spring to compress and thus exactly self-balance the powers of pressure.

Xstream also has a built in anti freeze protection in its construction. TDA (Thermo Dynamic Antifreeze) ensures that the through- owing water keeps the ice away, entirely without uids or extra diaphragms

Xstream Deep are certified and approved with gas mixes that contains a maximum of 21% oxygen.
The mentioned regulator models have Nitril o-rings and a silicon based lubricant is used, so it’s not suitable for gas mixes that have higher levels of oxygen.

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