USA’s No.1 Freediving Education Program and the only freediving education curriculum in the world accepted at a collegiate level.

What FII Certified Means To You:

The Highest Safety Standards, Quality Educators, Standardized Curricullums, Professionalism & Fully Insured

F.I.I. was founded by Multiple World Record Freediver and pioneer in freediving education, Martin Stepanek. When you learn freediving from any FII certified and fully insured instructor, you know you are getting the finest, safest, standardized freedving education available.

From extensive freediving research conducted at universities such as the Karolinski Institute and Harvard, we are now developing a better understanding and learning the true value of the mammalian diving reflex. Integrating this groundbreaking research with ten years of extensive teaching experience and training of world class freediving athletes, FII has identified the key knowledge and essential skills to effectively train individuals in the sport of freediving. FII has developed a specialized curricula that trains students, utilizing their own inborn mammalian dive reflexes, to move efficiently and comfortably underwater on one breath in a matter of days.

Many freediving education agencies place less importance on technique and knowledge and more importance on performance. This ineffective teaching method offers the diver a quick performance increase that is quickly limited by poor technique, discomfort and eventual injuries. FII’s principles are based upon developing core techniques and understanding that, from this solid foundation, performance follows, and the true freediver evolves.