Take the Freediving Instructors International Level 3 Course

With Lauderdale Diver

This high intensity course arms participants with the knowledge to attain personal goals by utilizing freediving training techniques developed by F.I.I. founder and Freediving World Champion, Martin Stepanek. This advanced program will open up a whole new realm of freediving techniques and training knowledge.

Whether you’re a  recreational freediver, competitive spearfisherman or simply a freediving enthusiast, this course will help you develop an understanding of advanced freediving techniques, the demanding physiological aspects of freediving, diet and nutrition, advanced safety and self rescue techniques, and other depth-specific training practices such as FRC (Functional Residual Capacity) dives. All techniques are used by the leading athletes in the sport of freediving and spearfishing. The F.I.I. Level 3 course is guaranteed to take you to the next level and beyond!

Throughout the FII Level 3 Freediver course you will learn:

  • Understanding and Application of Training Principles
  • Training Techniques and Skills Specific to Freediving Fitness and Performance
  • Dietary Needs of the Freediving Athlete
  • Advanced Breathing and Stretching Exercises
  • Advanced Freediving Technique Development
  • Advanced Safety Techniques for Supervision and Self Rescue, including counter ballast operations.
  • Freediving Psychology
Student Learning Materials:
  • Level 3 Student Manual and Workbook,
  • Level 3 Academic Review
Certification Level:
Level 3 Freediver. Students are not required to dive the maximum depth of the course for certification. FII certifications are based on the skill and knowledge you will master throughout your course.
Course Duration:
4 day course
Minimum Age Requirement:
 16 years old