Why Seabobs & Poseidon Regulators Should Be Sold Together!

If you have ever got the opportunity to pilot a Seabob you are probably already hooked. Most people use these on or near the surface and utilize just their own breath for the dives. There is, however, endless possibilities of fun to be had with the Seabob once you take them scuba diving.

Traditional scooters or DPVs require a fair bit of experience scuba diving as well as for the operator to be ultra aware of depth and ascent rates. The Seabob is anything but a traditional DPV. Some models of the Seabob can travel at speeds of over 20kms per hour, which mean that when using this machine requires even more attention to detail as you can ascend or descend very rapidly without paying close attention. Scuba diving with a Seabob should only be done by both very experienced scuba divers who are also very experienced in the operation and use of their Seabob.

One thing which divers have mentioned can be a problem when using their high performance Seabob, is that their regulators can go into free flow. This isn’t surprising considering that it can happen even in moderate ocean currents when the oncoming water hits the front of your regulator. Tack on 20km per hour of speed from the Seabob and you have a fairly high chance of this occurring on any dive when using a standard front purge regulator.

So what is the solution? Well, luckily, Poseidon offers several different side purge regulators which can almost entirely eliminate this problem. The side purge feature means that the oncoming water will not be hitting your purge button head on and you will be able to breathe freely and easily. The other advantage to the side purge feature is that you can switch the purge button from your left or right side to suit your preference. They are very high quality regulators and work very well with scooters and DPV’s and especially the highspeed Seabob!

If you are looking to purchase any of the Seabob products or Poseidon regulators have a look around our website or come into our store in Fort Lauderdale. We are a dealer for these products as well as many more yacht toys and scuba diving equipment.

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