Top Underwater Drones and ROV’s of 2018

Drones.. Not Just For The Sky

For the last several years aerial drones have invaded the market. Chances are that you have seen at least one drone buzzing through the sky. The technology has allowed for these exciting tools to now be at a price point that much of the general public can afford. Photography and videography, which used to necessitate an airplane or helicopter, can now be accomplished with a small remote control drone. Throw in the fun factor of operating drones and it is no wonder they have become so popular.

A bit slower to hit the market have been underwater drones or ROV’s. ROV’s are much the same in that they can be controlled via a remote control device with an LCD screen displaying what is going on under the water. This makes them perfect for using the HD Camera feeds to check your anchor, inspect your hull, inspect a snorkel or dive site before getting in the water, using as a fish finderd, or to virtually join your friends while they are diving. There are several different kinds of these which offer different features and price points. Lauderdale Diver carries a wide variety of UAV’s to suit all of our customers wishes and budgets!

The IBubble

The IBubble is an amazing new drone which has just been launched which has some amazing features. It is the first drone which you can set to follow and film you during your dive fully autonomously. The battery life is right around 1 hour which will be suffice for most dives. It also features a very cool recall feature when the battery is getting low, where the vehicle will return to you and allow you to collect it and finish your dive.

You can also get the Explorer Pack which allows the IBubble to be controlled from a boat remotely. This allows for it to also be useful with tasks such as hull inspections. It comes with a 60 meter cord which allows you to connect via blue tooth to your phone or tablet and see what the IBubble sees. It is a really cool accessory which is great for both yacht owners and scuba divers who are looking to document their dives.

The PowerRay by PowerVision

This ROV is another really cool underwater drone which allows users to explore the underwater world before hopping in. Featuring a 4K UHD built in Camera, this gadget captures professional quality photos and videos from the comfort of your dock or boat. The PowerRay can move at speeds of around 4 knots in calm water and is great for exploring new dive sites, checking what the conditions may be underwater, and for inspecting hulls, nets, etc. The PowerRay can perform well on dives up to 98 feet and has a battery life of up to 4 hours.

The Vision+ App is built specifically for this UAV and features both filming mode and fish finding mode. The App allows for even new users of the PowerRay to control the machine with relative ease. The PowerRay is very fun and very affordable! The video below shows many of it’s features!

The Trident by OpenROV

Tridents are great ROV’s with tons of practical uses. They are great for finding fishing spots, great dives sites or to explore wrecks. If you want to inspect your boat, your anchor, your prop, etc. Does the mooring line which you are pulling up to look like it might not be up to par? Send out the Trident to check if the line is in good shape and likely to hold. It is a very useful and very practical tool for any boater.

Are you an avid scuba diver? Extend your max depth up to 100 meters while on a surface interval and see what you may not have on your first dive. Use it to scope out a fantastic site for your next dive or let the non-diver in your group follow along from the comfort of the boat while you are underwater.

Commercial applications are also very possible. Whether you want to offer a boat inspection service at your local marina or use it during search and recovery efforts you can always find a use for this UAV.

Lauderdale Diver Stocks These And More

We are always on the lookout for new and fun technology and toys for our customers. Come into our showroom in Fort Lauderdale and walk out with one of these great underwater drones or some of the other toys or tools you may find in our store. We also sell a huge range of scuba diving equipment, compressors, and offer servicing both in shop and at your location. Contact us with any of your questions and we will be happy to help!


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