Poseidon QMR Rebreather BCD


Used on your Poseidon Rebreather for an easier assembly and disassembly.
The Quick Mount/Release adapter will make it easier for you to connect and disconnect your BCD/Wing to Poseidon rebreathers.

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The QMR uses the standard 11-inch system.

It’s the best way to connect a Poseidon rebreather to your BCD. 

Get your Poseidon rebreather canister in place without straps.
If you don’t frequently assemble and disassemble your BCD or Wing from your Poseidon rebreather, this is a great option. The 11-inch adapter is Poseidon’s low-cost solution.

The 11-Inch Adaptor can be used together with the following buoyancy control devices.

Rebreather BCD
Rebreather Wing & Backplate
One Wing & One Harness

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