Pegasus Thruster

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The Pegasus Thruster – High performance underwater propulsion vessel.



Remember James Bond pootling along with his underwater scooter in Thunderball? A new kid on the diving propulsion block is set to fulfill all your fantasies of making like Bond and cruising effortlessly underwater. The Pegasus Thruster is a high performance underwater propulsion vessel that attaches to a diver’s scuba tanks.

Propelling you along at around 50 metres a minute (for a 77 kilogram man), the Pegasus Thruster was designed by scuba divers for scuba divers. Marissa Wiganowske of the Pegasus team says its applications are diverse: “The Thruster is used and can be used by any type of diver. It is an excellent tool; it just depends on how one chooses to use it. Recreational divers have a blast cruising over wrecks, spearfishing or looking for lobsters, and those that have subpar cardiovascular fitness save their energy and cut their air consumption in half, increasing their personal safety on a dive.” The Pegasus Thruster is also in demand with divers carrying out underwater maintenance or inspections.

The unit is designed to be stored on a tank holder next to the diver’s equipment on their back, leaving their hands free to take photos or collect objects (not that we are encouraging you to pilfer from wrecks or pocket protected shells illegally – Ed.). It can be used to help divers descend and weighs just under six kilograms out of the water. Is your coordination more Powers than Bond?

The unit is simple to use and maneuver. “The Thruster is easy to control, we have designed a seven-degree angle to the way the unit is mounted, allowing you to maintain neutral buoyancy. It does take one or two dives to feel comfortable.

With regards to turning, it is all in the way you steer your shoulders,” says Wiganowske. And it is easy to care for, even if you do not have a Q to maintain your gadgets for you. Wiganowske says that a freshwater rinse after use and the application of a small amount of lube on the pins and switch are all the unit needs to keep running smoothly.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 in


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