Mares Computer Smart Apnea


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  • Segmented LCD display
  • Instantaneous depth, dive time, recovery time, temperature
  • Descent and ascent rate
  • Customizable alarms (depth, time, speed, hydration, recovery time)
  • One second sampling rate
  • Advanced performance microprocessor
  • Latest generation depth sensor
  • Updatable firmware and data download with aftermarket dive link interface


Code: 424153
Max Displayed Depth: 150m
Memory capacity: 20-30 hours
Profile Sampling Rates: 1 second
Stopwatch: Yes
Display: Segment Display
Watch: Yes


  • FW. Smart Apnea V.2.0


    • Sampling rate can now be set to 1 second, 0.5 seconds or 0.25 seconds.
    • Speed is now measured/displayed in m/s or ft/s.
    • Differentiated acoustic alarms

    – Depth alarms: three short beeps
    – Time alarms: two long beeps
    – Speed alarms: continuous beeping

    • Day of week display in watch display
    • Visualization of total dive time in session (logbook)

    Dive Organizer 2.19 is needed to perform the upgrade and download the logbook.

    Remember to click the icon on the left for your download!

  • Dive Organizer (PC)
    • Full-featured logbook management software
    • Allows upgrading of firmware on compatible dive computers
    • Allows uploading of maps and images to Icon HD
    • Features tissue saturation graph with detailed evolution during the dive
    • For PC only

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