Dive The Wonderful Variety Of The Philippines

Scuba Diving in Mactan, Philippines

The Philippines are an island nation which boast over 7000 tropical islands. Among these islands are some of the most picturesque and well recognized tropical beaches in the world. Beaches such as Boracay, which feature stunning beauty, nightlife, and attract huge amounts of tourists can see several million visitors a year.

There is another area of Philippines which we think you may want to check out if you are a scuba diver. Cebu and Mactan. You can access Mactan by flying into Cebu International Airport. Only a 20 minute drive from the airport you will cross a bridge to the island of Mactan, where some wonderful diving awaits! Scuba diving in Mactan offers a bit of everything. A wonderful place for beginners to advanced divers to enjoy some of the Philippines rich aquatic life.

There are several house reefs around the islands which offer fantastic corals and fish life. The macro life of Mactan, Cebu, and surrounding islands is truly incredible. There is the relatively close Malapascua Island which offers the worlds best opportunity to dive with the unique thresher shark, and you have other highlights such as freshwater cave diving, seasonal sardine runs, and lots of massive whale shark sightings at nearby dive sites. If you are a wreck diver you will find wrecks here which come in at all levels of difficulty. From wrecks laying in very shallow water to some wrecks which require technical diving experience and knowledge which are in 300 feet of water. The options are truly spectacular!

Another great thing about Mactan and Cebu is the multitude of resort and accommodation options. From 5 star to backpacker style accommodations there is truly something for everyone and every budget. There are also lots of PADI Dive Centers on Mactan which offer diving and instruction to the same standards as you are accustomed.

Best Time To Visit Mactan

Another great thing about Mactan and Cebu for us coming from North America, is that their best season for diving aligns with our winter months. Their dry season runs from November through May. You can find good diving year round dependent on weather, however, Typhoon season peaks in July and August and to avoid disappointment these months should be avoided if possible.

What Else To Do In Cebu/Mactan

You probably won’t want to get out of the water too much, so we recommend doing some snorkeling and kayaking around some of the smaller islands. There is also plenty of cultural and religious events which take place throughout the year. With January and April being the best months for these experiences.

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