Professionally Maintained Scuba Dive Equipment, Regulators, Wet Suits, Tanks and More

Come to Lauderdale Diver to satisfy all of your Florida dive equipment rental needs. We are the only dive center in the Downtown Fort Lauderdale area that rents scuba diving equipment.

Our dive rental equipment is a combination of Aqualung and Oceanic equipment, which is professionally maintained on a regular basis.


Fort Lauderdale Diver Equipment Rental Price

Tank (air) $12.00
Tank (nitrox 32%) $18.00
Tank (nitrox 36%) $20.00
Weight Integrated BCD $15.00
Regulator With Dive Computer $20.00
Mask Fins & Snorkel $25.00
Weight Belt $10.00
Weights $1 per lb
Flag & Float $8.00
Wet Suit ā€“ Top $15.00
Wet Suit ā€“ Bottom $15.00
Dive Trip & Equipment Package
(Includes: BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, 2 Tanks, Weights and Boat Trip)
Mask, Fins, Snorkel not Included