Mares Mask X-Vu Sunrise Liquidskin


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  • Bi-silicone skirt for unmatched comfort
  • Small ribs around nose to relieve pressure
  • X-shaped bi-silicone strap
  • Optical lenses available
  • Sunrise version available


Code: 411041
Weight: 173g
Volume: Moderate
Tempered Glass Lense: Yes
Fitting: Sunrise


  • Liquidskin
    Patented Technology. The exclusive Bi-Silicone technology uses two different types of silicone: a firmer portion for support structure and a softer portion for contact with your face. It is 45% softer for unparalleled comfort and 270% more elastic for a perfect fit.
  • Sunrise
    The Sunrise masks are dedicated to the Asian market and wider faces because of the special geometry of the skirt.
  • Optical Lenses
    Mares offers corrective lenses for most models. In addition to the negative diopters (-1 to -7), for some models also positive diopters are available ( 1.5 to 3). Mares design makes it quick and easy to install lenses.
  • Tri-Comfort
    Small horizontal ribs between the frame and the skirt in the area around the nose. These ribs absorb and redistribute the pressure exerted by the frame onto the skirt, with a resulting increase in comfort.

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