Mares Instinct 3.5 Mm – Jacket- Camo Green


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  • Elasticity, thermal comfort, resistant to compression
  • Green camouflage printed on grey lining to make the diver even more disguised
  • Reinforced chest pad in melcotape
  • High-waisted pants

422444 – Jacket 35
422445 – Pants 35
422438 – Jacket 55
422439 – Pants 55
422446 – Jacket 70


Code: 422444
Thickness: 3.5mm / 5.5mm / 7mm
Colors: Camouflage
External Material: Lining
Internal Material: Open cell
Ultrastrech: Yes
Chest protector: Yes
Knee protector: Yes
Hood: Yes
Jacket code: 422444 (3.5mm)
Pants code: 422445 (3.5mm)


  • Maximum Elasticity
    This wetsuit offers great freedom of movement and comfort.
  • Hood Included
    Whenever you see this icon it means that the hood is sold together with the wetsuit.

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