Become a PADI Assistant Instructor in Florida

With Lauderdale Diver

The PADI Assistant Instructor Course is your entry point into sharing your love for scuba diving with others. In the Assistant Instructor Course you will learn all the basics of teaching scuba diving to brand new divers. You will also get a good understanding of what it takes to have scuba diving as a profession. The work involved, the demands which are placed on you, as well how to effectively teach and help customers to become certified, safe divers. Most people will end up continuing on to become a PADI Instructor!

Before enrolling in the PADI Assistant Instructor Course you will be required to complete a medical waiver. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions which may be affected by diving you will have to get a physicians clearance prior to participating in scuba activities.

Good To Know
  • Pricing is dependent upon the number of students.
  • The independent study is supported by the Instructor assessing knowledge reviews, class work and subject exams. You must score 75% or higher on all the exams.
  • Stamina snorkeling tests.
  • Training development to ensure dive skills are to demonstration standard.
  • Must attend Instructor Development Training (IDT) course for course presentation training.
  • Course Duration: Approximately 1 week, but this can vary, dependent on the agreed schedule.