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Scuba Diving The Maldives Far North

Scuba Diving The Maldives Far North The Maldives is a scuba divers paradise. There are over 180 species of coral and over 1100 species of fish in the countries bountiful waters. This low-lying country features 26 atolls spanning a vast area of the Indian Ocean, about 750 kms off of mainland Asia. The average ground [...]

Diving Destination: Niihau, Hawaii

Scuba diving in Hawaii can include diving with the endangered Monk Seal off the Hawaiian island of Niihau.

Diving Cano Island, Costa Rica

If you are interested in scuba diving in Costa Rica, it should certainly include a trip to Cano Island.

Dive The Wonderful Variety Of The Philippines

Mactan may not be the first dive destination you think about in the Philippines. But if you are looking for variety and wonderful diving it probably should be!

The Shark Species Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to many different shark species which are exciting to scuba dive with. Here we go over the different species and where they can be found!

Dive The Maldives In Style

The Maldives are an incredible destination for avid scuba divers. Set far off the beaten path, these beautiful islands are home to some incredible marine life which makes it well worth the trouble of getting there.

Experience Diving The Bay Of Islands Aboard The Roatan Aggressor

Scuba Dive The Bay of Islands The Bay of Island in Honduras are a beautiful diving destination. The Bay of Islands are made up of Roatan, Utila, Guanaja and some smaller islands. They are all part of the mesoarmerican barrier reef system, which is the second biggest barrier reef in the world. Extending from the [...]