Fort Lauderdale Diver – Hookah Systems

  1. Developed direct drive for dive compressors based upon proven technology of compressor giant, Thomas Industry who is the largest OEM compressor manufacturer in the world.
  2. The Air Line incorporates specific, proprietary, compressor features inside and out: Acrylic electro coating on housing, head, cover, valve plate and piston rod top provide unparalleled resistance to the marine environment.
  3. Fully vented, unobstructed compressor cover for bearing heat reduction. Venting provides immediate access to internal parts, for post dive wash out, with no disassembly. This coupled with the extraordinary marine features mentioned in # 2 are simply just not duplicated ANYWHERE by ANYONE.
  4. MADE IN THE USA to precise standards, and assembled to Honda motors by Thomas technicians at the 500,000 square foot facility.
  5. Over 1,000 service locations through 55 year old Thomas Industries international network.
  6. Commercial quality compressors are engineered to run all day, every day at 3,400 to 3,600 rpm for maximum air delivery.
  7. High flow, solid brass, nickel plated swivel fittings. Essentially indestructible. maximum airflow.
  8. Individual 60' down hoses for maximum air and greater freedom around obstructions, such as rock formations and wrecks. In case of equipment failure, there is an air reserve in each hose, providing self- sufficiency.
  9. A high quality gear bag.