Floating Gas Powered Units

  • The best choice for recreational diving due to the essentially unlimited lateral range of movement.
    • With a floating gas system, the divers easily tow the floating unit along with them, so they can move about without restriction in range.
    • In contrast, with the deck units (e.g., electric units and deck-mount gas powered units), the lateral range of movement is restricted by the length of the hoses. (Although it is possible to use hose extensions to lengthen any hose.)
  • Floating gas powered units can also be used as deck units when desired, by simply not inflating the float. The engine/compressor case has white rubber feet to protect the deck.

 Which Floating Gas Unit is Best for You?

  • The choice of the best floating gas model for you is based on two questions; (1) How many divers maximum do you want to use with the system?, and (2) How deep do you want those divers to be able to dive?
  • The floating gas models are identical except for the size of the compressor.
    • The smaller compressor (model R260-4) delivers 9.0 CFM (cubic feet per minute), FAD @ 0 PSI. It can accommodate 2 divers to 70’, or 3 divers to 40’.
    • The larger XL compressor (models R260XL, R360XL) delivers 12.5 CFM FAD @0 PSI. It can accommodate 2 divers to 85’, 3 divers to 60’, or 4 to 40’.
  • If you are diving at shallower depths and/or with fewer divers, then the R260-4 will suffice.
  • If you want the capability to dive deeper or with more divers, then an XL model is the better choice.