There are commercial applications for both the deck mount gas powered systems, as well as the 110 volt electric systems. The Air Line hookah dive systems are a sensible alternative for applications where conventional scuba gear is used.

There is no need to deal with scuba tanks.
  • Think of the savings in cost and time, if you never had to deal with filling a bunch of tanks.
  • Less deck space and weight requirements than with tanks.
All of the compressors used in Air Line systems are rated for continuous heavy-duty use.
  • You can run them all day with a little gas or electricity.
  • Think of how many tanks you’d need to dive all day!
  • And what if you run out of filled tanks before the job is completed, or the tank on your back runs out of air right when you’re in the middle of some operation?
  • The bottom line – You will always have as much air as you need to get the job done!
The appropriate system will be determined primarily by your air delivery requirements, which will be determined by;
  • The maximum number of divers that will be on the system at a time.
  • The maximum depth those divers will need to attain.
  • The air flow volume requirements of any ancillary equipment that might utilize some of the air (e.g., lift bags, dry suits, etc.)
Commercial users most often use the deck mount gas powered hookah dive systems.
  • Gas powered units deliver the most air.
  • Commercial users typically will operate from a boat or other platform, so there is no need for a floating gas system.
  • Some examples of commercial uses for the deck mount gas powered systems are;
    • Boat salvage and other marine salvage operations
    • Marine construction/repair
    • Aquaculture
    • Marine survey
    • Scientific diving
    • In-water boat repair/maintenance
    • Hull cleaning
There are also commercial uses for the 110 volt electric systems.
  • When 110 volt power is available and/or gas powered systems are not an option.
  • When the required air delivery for the application is less than the gas powered systems.
  • When noise level is a consideration (e.g., in a marina).
  • Some examples of commercial uses for the 110 volt electric systems are;
    • Hull cleaning
    • Aquaculture
    • Pool repair/maintenance
    • Dock construction/repair/ inspection
    • Large aquarium work