Electric Hookah

Electric Powered Hookah Systems

  • The electric hookah diving systems are the most common units when the main application is some kind of practical application, such as;
    • Boat maintenance (e.g., unfouling a prop, cleaning or inspecting the hull, free an anchor, etc.)
    • Pond maintenance
  • The 110 volt electric systems deliver more air than the 12 volt system, so they are usually preferable when 110 volt power is available (i.e., a generator aboard a vessel, or shore power).
  • If 110 volt power is unavailable where the system must be used, then the 12 volt system is an excellent alternative electric unit.
  • Often used by boaters who want a compact, lightweight system that enables them to dive under the boat when necessary (e.g., unfoul a prop, clean the hull, free an anchor, etc.).
  • Can still do a little recreational diving around the boat.
  • Also used for a range of commercial applications (e.g., boat hull cleaning, aquaculture, dock construction/repair, large aquarium work, pool maintenance/repair, etc.).
  • Electric units are quieter than gas units when noise level is a factor.
  • The 12 volt electric deck unit is sometimes used for certain types of recreational diving.
  • Kayakers have placed the 12 volt units in kayaks when exploring river beds for artifacts and other “treasure”.
  • Diving treasure-hunters with metal detectors use the 12 volt in a dinghy to search beach bottoms and freshwater areas for coins, jewelry, and other “treasure”.