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Lauderdale Diver is the premier full-service Florida dive shop PADI 5-Star Certification Agency in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

AMAZING So much fun. We did the lessons yesterday. Kim is Fantastic as well!!

John Tempest - February 2016

Thank you again to the whole team from this morning. Perfect organization and performance. The captain that picked me up from the dock was very good. The lady on the jet that controlled the power when I was on the flydive Xboard was professional. And thanx to Kim Crawford for all the information after the ride. Thank you guys. Nice experience!!!

Mary - March 2016
Lauderdale Diver - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

1334 S.E. 17th St Causeway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
Tel: 954-467-2822
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Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Saturday:
9:00am to 6:00pm
10:30am to 2pm

PADI 5 Star Dive Shop

I traveled to Fort Lauderdale to complete my referral open water certification dives on a Thursday and Friday, and my buddy planned to fly down Friday night to dive with me Saturday and Sunday. I did not expect to have fun on the certification dives, but Ken was kind and patient, pointing out all kinds of sea life I would have missed, ensuring I had a fun and stress-free first two days underwater. Additionally, I was Ken’s only student, so I had the benefit of his instruction all to myself.

My buddy’s flight was cancelled, and he didn’t make it down until Saturday afternoon. He missed our four dives on Saturday, but Joey from Lauderdale Diver took me out on the water and ensured I had a great time. Knowing I was a new diver, he was patient with my setup and checked over everything for me. When in the water, he kept a close eye on me and ensured I was always comfortable. On Saturday, I was the only diver Joey took out on the water, and on Sunday, it was just Joey, my friend, and me. From lots of reviews of other dive shops, I gather it’s rare to have such personal attention and care from a dive master.

With my buddy’s very late arrival, my trip could have been ruined. But Ken and Joey made me feel like I was diving with friends. They have ensured that with my first diving experiences, I felt like I was at home in the larger diving community. I don’t know what more anyone could hope for. I will be back to dive with the Lauderdale Diver team many times in the future and recommend them with all enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who made my first diving trip so wonderful.

Mike - January 2017

Great dive shop! If you’re from out of town and want to do some local diving or want to get certified this is the place to go. Everyone I met in the shop was excellent. I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to Chris W. He’s a great example of what a dive professional should be. I had a great week of diving thanks again.

Jeff O'Rourke - March 2015

What happened is that I signed up for the PADI Open Water certification first, and then enjoyed it so much, I decided to take the Advanced Open Water cert as well.

Here’s a general idea of how things went:

I tend to be a very on-time person, so I was really pleased that everything happened as scheduled. This is really important if you are waking up to be at the shop at 7:30 a.m. on vacation!

It was also great to see that my instructors followed the PADI requirements to a T. Even though they made sure we had lots of fun, everything was taken very seriously in terms of the learning. I like to learn things right from the get-go, and my instructors really helped me do that.

In regard to how things worked, I didn’t have any complaints about the operations at all. The facility for the classroom instruction was clean and comfortable, with working technology. The pool dive was conducted at a nearby facility that was convenient. And the boat dives used operators that used the highest safety standards (role calls, etc.), and we went to both wrecks and reefs for our dives. The equipment I rented was also really good, and I got the store discount as well when I purchased my fins, mask, etc.

In regard to the instruction, working with Rob & Sylvia, and the dives, I can’t say enough good things. This was SUPER FUN to do! Even though it was technical, the instructors made it an absolute blast to learn and dive. Everything was covered very thoroughly (yes, I did all my written homework ahead of time), and yet there was an enthusiasm for diving that I found really contagious.

Of course it helped that I saw two turtles, a nurse shark, and a ton of underwater life. And the instructors took lots of pictures of me diving! 🙂 I got to dive in both calm and windy seas, so I got the full range of experience. I feel pretty confident that I can dive in a good variety of places and conditions now.

I had so much fun that I can say for sure – I highly, highly recommend working with the Davis instructors at Lauderdale Divers. I actually plan to get more certifications the next time I go down (such as peak buoyancy and enriched diver). As Rob says – happy bubbles! Yup, mine were.

Lyn in Boston - January 2015

I completed the Open Water course last week while on vacation in Fort Lauderdale. My instructor was Sam Powell and I could not be happier with him. He guided me ever step of the way and made me feel very comfortable diving with him. He is very knowledgable and took the time to ensure I understood everything. I would really like to dive with him again when I am back in Fort Lauderdale. All the members of the staff at the shop we very friendly and helpful as well. The classes ran on time, and all the equipment were of great quality. Thank you for the fun experience!

Cameran Darvish - August 2014

Sam our instructor made sure that we completed all the knowledge reviews so we can advance with our courses as planed. All the equipment was in very good conditions and Sam provided all the information necessary to be able to take care of all the gear.

After finishing the courses we feel confident enough to start going on diving trips and start adding time to our log diving books. We enjoyed very much the classes with Sam, he is very professional and takes his job very seriously. In three days we learnt a great deal of information in the class rom and while diving, Also his personality as instructor gave us confidence during our dives.

We want to thank you very much for taking the time in being our instructor.
Esperamos que hayas disfrutado del vino y el jamón ibérico!!!

Francisco Y Viviana - July 2014

Finally a dive shop that understands customer service. I bought a mini torch light that malfunctioned. Instead of giving me a hassle about mailing it back to the manufacturer, they exchanged it and…. (wait for it…) they apologized. That’s right apologized for the manufacturer’s defect. Now that shouldn’t be a shocker, but I can tell you that has not been my experience with the huge corporate chain closer to my house. Needless to say, their service was enough to get me to come back to purchase a scuba mask, a set of knife straps, and book 2 dives. They earned my business and that’s no easy task.

It’s amazing that I have to drive by corporate dive store to get whatever I need. Guess where I take I scuba buddies when they visit south Florida? Trust me, they earned this review. BTW, the Tovatec Mini Torch Light is awesome. I used it to search for lobsters under the reef crevices. Pleased with this purchase.

Customer - August 2014

Dear Chrissy

Yes, we’re always happy with the service, suggestions, advice at Lauderdale Diver and won’t take the gear anywhere else, as long as we’re in the Atlantic. The staff from the shop to the delivery guy are all really on it, you can tell they like where they are and who they work for.

Another big plus is scheduling the pickup and delivery, the shop holding the gear until we were out of our two week (slightly hectic) yard period was quite an advantage regarding managing everything on deck.

All the best for great 2016, we’ll see Lauderdale Diver next year!

Captain Ethan - January 2016

Hello Chrissy!

You and your team’s integrity and passion for customer service excellence continues to pay off.

It was nice to get Cindy’s email and view such reasonable prices. Trevor told me Cindy was so pleasant on the phone. Kelly and I have met Cindy a couple times while in your shop last year when we bought our new BC’s, Mask and some adjustable fins for our guest that come to our property in the Bahamas. As always, prompt, friendly and professional service keeps us loyal.

It was so great of you to drop me a note. Much appreciated and one more thing that cements loyalty and trust. I will be placing an order in the next couple of days.
Will certainly drop by your store the next time we are in Ft. Lauderdale!

Bruce F. Griffin - July 2015

Rob and Silvia are great instructors. I found them through Scubabitz. Went through my advanced open water certification here and really can’t say enough. My girl struggled to remain calm in the water and Rob really was patient with here, eventually offering to let here come again later when she felt more ready. Regardless of if she comes back, he did an amazing job and WE really appreciated it.I found and chose Lauderdale Diver based on google reviews – so I’m happy to say: it was a great decision. I have nothing but awesome reviews for my experience with Lauderdale Diver, based on my personalized classes and dives with Rob and Sylvia Davis.

John Paolillo - March 2015

If you are a diver and visiting Fort Lauderdale, this is the dive center to visit! I dived with them three days (thursday, friday and sunday) and completed two private class courses (Drift Dive Specialty and Deep Dive Specialty) with Rob as my instructor. Rob is a very nice guy, good spirited and humorous while at the same time being a great teacher. Everyone I met in the shop and on the dives where great people. The equipment used during the course where all new and top notch, one example being the Apeks XTX200 regulator set.

Dive spots I dived with Lauderdale Diver: Baracuda Reef (twice, a great reef) The Mercedes (200 Foot freight ship, really nice) Donald McAllister (smaller wreck) Teneco Towers (Drilling platform at 110 feet depth, awesome & unique dive, a definitive must do!!)

Johnny Jensen - October 2014

I am so glad I picked Lauderdale Diver to complete my SCUBA certification. Everyone in the store and on the boats were so friendly and helpful. Class was enjoyable from beginning to end. The equipment was comfortable and everything was in working order. There is a huge difference from going in a limited size pool and training to going into the salty ocean.

My SCUBA diving instructor, Sam made the transition safe, educational, and enjoyable. I feel confident SCUBA diving and I can not wait for my next SCUBA adventure. Sam made sure I completed all necessary tests both safely and correctly. Even when some test skills took longer than expected I did not feel rushed or stressed out. At one point I was getting aggravated with neutralizing my buoyancy and started to breath short and fast, Sam quickly noticed and made sure to remind me to concentrate and relax. His comforting and friendly personality made SCUBA diving and exploring the ocean a really great experience.

I will definitely be recommending this business to my future SCUBA diving friends and I will also make sure the next time I’m in Fort Lauderdale to return to Lauderdale Diver for some dives.

Thank you again for such a great experience!!

Stephanie Milardo - August 2014

I took my course with my young nephew. The course always ran on time and the equipment was in great order. I feel confident and equipped with the skills to allow me to dive within the limitations of Open Water certification. My nephew has already done some dives back home with his father. Nothing could have made the experience and certification more enjoyable. I would not want to recommend anyone else than Sam. He is very knowledgeable, concerned, attentive and prudent. We both felt very confident in Sams company all the time. Thank you again and I am looking forward to many more safe, fun dives with you.

Customer - August 2014

The class was on time. We had our own equipment – which was well prepared, but tanks and your wetsuits were great . I was really nervous at first, but Chris was great, patient and calm so I feel good now. So both the class and instructor were great! Thanks very much Chris!

Lisa Bean - June 2014

I had such a great time learning to dive. It was even better than I expected and I wouldn’t have changed anything about my learning experience. Thank you so much for all of the instruction you gave me Sam . You were a great instructor and I learnt all my skills with ease and enjoyed my experience so much. Thanks!

Courtney Isom - July 2014

Did your class run on schedule? Yes, it was on time.

Was the equipment supplied in good working order? Yes, all equipment was in good working order.

Do you now feel confident to go diving? Yes.

Did you enjoy your class and your instructor? Yes, Sam was very flexible and accommodating with my schedule – that is very important to me. Sam was patient and thoughtful – would go diving with him anytime.

Melissa Martin - June 2014

A Full Service Dive Shop Based In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

10 out of 10!!! Hi there Lauderdale Diver. In reference of you request – just wanted to let you know that you get a 10 out of 10. Couldn’t ask for anything better – classes went well. Nice Shop and good equipment; Rob and his wife were great to dive with and everyone that worked the boat was cool. I am planning on coming back shortly for the advanced classes so I will be seeing you soon. Thanks for everything.

Jeff Coyle - June 2014

Course was amazing!! Sam went out of his way to make sure we got the best dive spots. Learnt a lot and never a dull moment!
On our one dive my mask broke, Sam was kind enough to swap mask under water allowing me to have a good dive.
Would recommend him to anyone and will definitely do the rest of my course with him! Kind regards.

Sean - May 2014

Thanks, Chris! I would just like to thank you for instructing us in our diving course. The class room and practical components were very enjoyable and very worthwhile. I look forward to using what I learnt from you in my adventures on board the yacht. Regards.

Doug Norden - May 2014

Did your class run on schedule? Yes

Was the equipment supplied in good working order? Yes. In addition, Rob was accommodating to me in providing me both a jacket style BC as well as a Back-inflate BC.

Do you now feel confident to go diving? I was already confident in my diving abilities.

Did you enjoy your class and your instructor? Yes, Rob was very professional and provided additional diving insight.

Please advis(E) us if there anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable!
Overall, I felt very safe and comfortable diving with lauderdale diver. Very professional environment and top-notch instructing. I will be both recommending and returning to dive again.

Aaron Mondshine - March 2014

Rescue Diver Review: I recently took the Rescue Diver Course with Rob and Sylvia. They are the BEST instructors! The class started and ended at the discussed times. Lauderdale Diver provided any additional needed equipment for the course – such as Wilson. Rob was very thorough with the information and skills that were reviewed. He kept the course informative, but fun. I now feel confident that I could save someone’s life! I HIGHLY recommend taking any of your scuba courses with Rob at Lauderdale Diver!

Stephanie Cochran - March 2014

Great Instructor… Everything ran smooth and on time. I feel confident and Chris was a great instructor, very helpful and patient. Thanks!

Kyle Baron - March 2014

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I could not be more pleased with my dive experience this past week. Chris was an excellent instructor and I would recommend him in a minute. My dives were very well organized, on time, the equipment exceeded my expectations–it was perfect and I can not wait to dive again.. Thanks again to Chris and the staff!

Gary Sullivan from Michigan - February 2014

Lauderdale Diver has been EXCELLENT… This email is in response to your request inquiring about our recent training experience. We are repeat customers and for a good reason. Year after year the training program offered through Lauderdale Diver has been excellent. The instructor, Rob Davis, has always been very accommodating and professional and the certification process has been consistently conducted without any issues. What makes the experience even more enjoyable is after completing the particular certification program, our 6 students are confident divers who have gone on to enjoy many more hours of diving. There is no doubt we will continue to be repeat customers and look forward to next year when we have a new group of divers.

Dennis Keller - March 2014

It was a very professionally run course!!!

I just completed my Open Water PADI certification at Lauderdale Diver in Fort Lauderdale. Yes, all of the classes began on time, and everything was set up ready to go. We were supplied with very good equipment, which we had no problems with. I now feel confident, but not more than I should. I still will be very cautious and feel the need to check and re-check my equipment before diving so that I haven’t missed anything!

Sam Powell our Instructor was great. He took the course quite seriously to ensure we completely understood everything, but still managed to make it fun and have a few jokes! Overall, it was a very professionally run course, more so than I was expecting. Sam did a great job, he is a fantastic instructor. Thanks!!!

Danielle White - February 2014

Great Customer Service!!! I purchased 2 Bodyglove vests from Lauderdale Diver’s online store and straight away received a personalized email letting me know the status of my order. Wow, with this kind of customer service I will be sure to put you on my preferred list and recommend you to anybody I know!! Thanks so much!

Penny from Fort Worth IN - February 2014

Just wanted to say that I had a great experience with you guys in completing my open water certification. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructors than Rob and Sylvia Davis. Having struggled a bit with some of the confined water tasks, Rob was kind enough to schedule an additional practice session for me. He was patient, observant, thoughtful, with a great sense of humor and a great attitude. In short, everything you would want in an instructor. The same goes for his better half, Sylvia. I would definitely recommend Lauderdale Diver to anyone that is interested in learning how to dive and I plan to use you guys for my advanced course and all other levels of training. Cheers!

Mike Astafan - June 2014

Sam is not only an exceptional instructor but also a great guy.

Did your class run on schedule? Not only was Sam willing to do the course on a time and date that suited my schedule, he was always on time and well prepared for the lecture or dive.

Was the equipment supplied in good working order? The equipment was all in perfect working condition and it also appeared to be new and clean.

Do you now feel confident to go diving? I do feel confident and I am very eager to get back in the water.

Did you enjoy your class and your instructor? I had a great time, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and I think Sam is not only an exceptional instructor but also a great guy.

Please advise us if there anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable! The only thing that I can mention is that on the day of my exam various staff members entered the class room, apparently looking for something, whilst I was writing the exam, I found this distracting. Other than that everything was perfect!

In conclusion, I had a great time doing my open water course with Lauderdale diver, I found everybody to be friendly and helpful. I will definitely recommend Lauderdale diver to anybody that want to do a diving course or have their equipment inspected/ serviced.

Callie Coetzee - April 2014

Thanks for helping Megan complete her Rescue Course for her high school project

I have attached a very small number of pics of Megan diving over the weekend. These two are of her and my pre-class dive together and of Megan’s Rescue Diver course on Saturday and Sunday. She put together a brief montage of her class time to send to her friends. There was definitely a lot to learn and experience to gain in this course and she is very proud of her accomplishment.

I want to thank you both for creating a fun learning experience for Megan. She is now busy taking all of the pictures and experiences gained over the weekend and compiling them into her senior project presentation. I must say, Rob and Sylvia did an awesome job this weekend. Both instructors made sure Megan was part of the class and comfortable learning all the skills required (she was the only minor in the class which sometimes for kids can be overwhelming). She had a blast and I had a blast documenting the weekend in pictures for her project.

She is already pestering me to come back so we both can do Nitrox and Deep Dive classes. What a dive monster you guys have created! And as a proud dad, all I can ask is to keep giving her more confidence, enabling her to set and reach goals most people would not even attempt. It is an attribute to Rob and team’s teaching styles. We definitely will be back and I expect Marin and Morgan may be in tow for their Open Water with you soon.

The Schrack’s highly recommend Lauderdale Diver and Rob and Sylvia to anyone interested.

Rob Schrack - March 2014

Open Water – What an amazing experience! I recently finished my Open Water training with Rob and Sylvia. What an amazing experience and great crew you have! Training with rob and Sylvia was laid back, enjoyable, fun, interesting, and by the book. Yes they were laid back in attitude but very straightforward with the responsibilities of teaching us step by step tasks and safety measures. I am definitely going to come back to Lauderdale Diver for my Advanced Open water and more future training. Thank you so much, Ashley Kearney.

Ashley Kearney - April 2014

All in all a well spent (but tiring!) weekend. My son Will and I had a very good experience this past weekend thanks to Lauderdale Diver, Sam Powell, our instructor, Phil, our bonus instructor, and classmates. For anyone interested in taking this class, it started on time (7:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday), was well run, without wasted time, and covered the material thoroughly. Sam regularly confirmed that he had not skipped any step in the syllabus. and made sure that each student was comfortable with each exercise. Because Phil was also with us, anyone who needed extra attention received it.

Saturday was a longer day than I had anticipated, with morning work in a swimming pool and afternoon work in a ‘lake’. The latter facility presented the only questionable experience, with visibility murky. However we were able to get a number of training exercises out of the way.

Sunday was spent boat diving off the Ft. Lauderdale beach, where the conditions were perfect. Again, Sam followed the syllabus to confirm we had learned the appropriate diving skills. The boat was well run and professionally operated, including a safety check before departing, taking attendance after each dive, etc. After the dive we returned to the Dive shop for a final written test and to see if we had any questions or concerns, followed by final sign off by Sam. Thanks!

Richard Handley - February 2014

Lauderdale Diver is a PADI 5-Star Certification Agency

Stellar Customer Service!!!

I went to this dive store because my mom was looking for a dive mask to use at the pool. As soon as we walked in, the guys greeted us as soon as we walked in. Within 5 minutes of being in the store 3 different guys offered to help us too! There wasn’t a huge selection of inexpensive masks but we managed to find one that was a good deal and didn’t come in a bundle like the sporting good stores sell them.

There was a fairly large variety of merchandise and it was very organized. I was in another dive store in the area and they had all their repairs scattered all over and was very cluttered. So it was nice to walk in to an organized store where the staff members knew about everything in the store. Also I thought all the guys working at the store weren’t bad to look at, so I will definitely be going back for my scuba diving needs.

Thank you 😉

Katie M. from Tamarac Florida - December 2013


I would like to take the time to write this email to thank you for the safety steps in diving. I think you saved my life. No buddy checks or anything and the girl next to me, who has died 8 or 9 times had her gages flying around so she couldn’t even reach them when she needed to… And it took her a while to even do that.

Back on the boat they had great service on board, they moved everyone’s bcds onto new tanks (except mine) and he still gave me attitude about “you tink me don’t want to change ya’s?” And low and behold my tank had 250psi… It hadn’t been changed. Aside from the fact that his gauges were knocking around on the floor because they weren’t fastened it was all the safety steps that made me independently safe regardless of what was going on around me.

So this is a real thank you. Thank you.

Patrick @stoplookagain - December 2013

So! I’ve been diving two to three times a day with different groups of tourists from all over the world. Still in Barbados and they’re still pretty cowboyish.

That said there’s a young brit who has taken me through my rescue diver and now working divemaster. He’s a fresh instructor so has good standards and quite immovable morals which is a breath of fresh air.

I have to say that all the way through rescue diver and the practical parts of the divemaster, everything has a foundation in the open water. Stuff gets developed and elaborated on but had I not worked with that focus on my open water with you Rob, I wouldn’t be anywhere near the standard I’m at today. Just seeing other people doing the Dive Master course as well, they have no clue.

So every course since has been a reinforcement and reminder of what I learnt in my open water at Lauderdale Diver. Easy! Still haven’t lost a mark and I hear there’s a course director who insists on working the 5 steps into teaching. Reminded me of you because when I’m teaching the open waters under supervision I’m basically doing what you did… And getting marked well for it.

Booked a charter dive

I used Lauderdale Diver to book a charter dive recently. The service was excellent, the rental gear was in good shape, and the dives were a blast!

A few key points:

Their prices are on par with what I’ve typically paid for other charter dives on the east coast
My dive buddy and I would be flying in on Saturday night, and we wanted to dive Sunday morning. Renters usually pick up their gear at the shop the day before, but we couldn’t. The shop was happy to accommodate and bring our rental gear to the boat for us. I was particularly happy that they used my height and weight to pick a wetsuit that fit me perfectly.

The crew on the charter boat were professional and quite friendly. It had been a couple years since my last dive. The divemaster happily offered to check over all my gear to make sure I had suited up properly. He then followed us into the water and watched our descent to make sure everything went smoothly. A crew that is passionate about diving, safety, and good service is the kind of crew I hope for every time I dive.

I originally picked Lauderdale Diver because they had the best reviews on Google. After diving with them, I can definitely say they have earned their good reputation. Thanks guys!

Dan D. from Palo Alto, CA - December 2013

Did your class run on schedule? Yes! Perfectly.

Was the equipment supplied in good working order? Absolutely!

Do you now feel confident to go diving? Yes!

Did you enjoy your class and your instructor? Both my class and instructors were everything I could have hoped. Wonderful people and teachers.

We also want know if there anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable.
Nope, already a wonderful experience.

Thanks so much!

Anonymous Scuba Student Fort Lauderdale - February 2014


…for the sales receipt and for your company’s support. We were very impressed with the service given to us.

Matt Gow, Chief Mate - January 2014

What a great job of computer! Lauderdale Diver just did a great job of servicing my dive computers, they even replaced the band on the spot with the proper color that I wanted. As a free diving instructor I refer for all of my students in the area to Lauderdale Diver. Professional staff and great customer service, highly recommended.

T.Harty from Davie, Florida - December 2013

I don’t have a million reasons to write, but every now and again when I realize repeatedly that I’ve come this far and still this headstrong it’s because my diving experience started in the right way. I have you to thank for this Rob. All the best from Barbados!

Patrick - January 2014

THANK YOU… Maureen and I want to thank you and the entire staff at Lauderdale Diver. We both had a wonderful time over the July 4th weekend. You and the staff welcomed us as family and went over and beyond to make sure the weekend was a success. We both feel very comfortable and confident in our skills following the Advanced and Nitrox Certification. We learned a tremendous amount. Your patience and skill as an instructor was very much appreciated. We most definitely will be back and plan to bring our daughter next time. Again, the dive shop, staff, boat and crew were all first class and professional. Best regards.

Steve Offord - September 2013

I wanted to share what a lovely experience it has been dealing with Lauderdale Diver and their professional staff. I was recently hired on as the Dive Instructor and head of the diving program for a private yacht. I was referred to Lauderdale Diver by our Yacht Management Group and our Yacht Captain also endorsed them as they supplied and installed our Nitrox Water Cooled Compressor.

When I arrived at Lauderdale Diver I was pleased to find that the owner and store manager were both well versed with what I needed. Chrissy and Cyndi spent an entire day with me reviewing everything I needed. Making sure I had the opportunity to see, feel and try on the equipment they were recommending for my project. Their knowledge and experience within the yachting industry made their options and recommendations invaluable.
I’m grateful for their help and experience, from ordering to packing, delivering and storing all the gear needed to make this project a success.

They were also able to service all the life jackets, EEBD’s, SCUBA equipment at very competitive pricing.

I can not recommend Lauderdale Diver highly enough. They rose to every request with efficacy and professionalism.
What stood out to me the most was how the team worked above and beyond to provide me with top service to every request, no matter how difficult.

It has been a pleasure working with such a fun and friendly team! Thank you!


Caroline Goransson, Dive Instructor - April 2013