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Lauderdale Diver’s Installed Compressor Systems

I want to thank you, Greg, and Bob for doing such a great job on our new compressor.

As a Dive Officer for such notable yachts with huge dive programs such as Dr Clark’s Hyperion and Greg Norman’s Aussie Rules, I have dealt with Brownies, Nautilus Underwater Systems and other less known companies over the last 12 years. It was so refreshing working with all of you at Lauderdale Diver / Nitrox Solutions. I have to say the quality, service and workmanship you have provided is second to none as was the ease of the order process and the installation.

As a Gas Blending Instructor I have seen and worked with every imaginable compressor type large and small and have never seen a more thought out easy to use unit than this one. The safety features, water cooling and the frequency drive for start up are just a few of the attentions to detail that make the unit stand out well above your competitors offerings.

Pricing is always a concern on equipment such as this, unlike your competitors the initial quote was very reasonable and had no extra or hidden costs. I can’t emphasize enough how competitive the pricing was. Upon receiving the unit I was even more impressed with price. With the acute attention to detail and the overall quality of the unit I would have expected the quote to have been substantially higher.

Again thank you, and it was a pleasure working with you. I would highly recommend your services to any other yacht and be happy to speak to any clients on your behalf if they have any questions.

Captain Bill Sturgeon

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