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Freestyle Slide Customer Testimonials

Last weekend we had the boss onboard and were finally able to use the Slide….it was AWESOME!!! We loved it……what a rush!!

Michael Williamson, M/Y Amarula Sun

All is going well with the slide. We have used it a few times now and are getting much quicker. For your information we were in the Abaco islands, Bahamas a few weeks ago and we had a huge microburst. The winds reached 86 knots for about 30 seconds and then dropped off to 40 knots for a little while longer. The slide was up during this period and there was not damage to it! Just to let you know what the slide is capable of withstanding.

Mark Spavins, M/Y Party Girl

Our Med season would not have been the same without the slide!! Not only the guests, but the crew even have a blast on it as well!

Captain Todd Packham, M/Y Misunderstood

We used the instructions that you sent and it was a success! The Boss used the slide a number of times on Saturday (more than his kids in fact!) and he always came out of the water with a huge grin on his face.

Mike Nelson, M/Y Running on The Waves

90% of the charters are because of the slide. We gear towards kids and its a no brainer for the kids. The guests are happy and we set it up in about 30 minutes.

Marc Wellnitz, M/Y Miss Michelle

We love that thing! It’s awesome and we have got it wired now so deployment only take 40 minutes and less time to retract. I, we love it, just love it.

Chris Clemens, Westport Yachts, M/Y Calex
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