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Freestyle Cruiser Pools

Outfit your yacht with the ultimate good-time accessory: An inflatable Freestyle Pool for swimming in while you’re anchored at sea.

All FreeStyle Pools are made from Drop Stitch material, 100% welded seams and can support hundreds of pounds. Our FreeStyle Pools are great for lounging and keeping unwanted marine life at bay.

Each FreeStyle Pool can be customized to your specific size requirement. In addition you can choose from an array of colors as well as adding your own personalized logo.

We also offer standard sizes in stock. Our pools come with a 3 year warranty and all equipment including storage bag, air pumps and sea weights. We can customize any size, add logos and have an array of colors to choose from.

  • 4M x 4M is $6,995 plus shipping*
  • 5M x 5M is $10,995 plus shipping*

*Includes a 3 year warranty, all equipment including storage bag, pumps sea weights and custom logos.

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