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Enos Rescue System

ENOS®-System: lost divers, a thing of the past!

ENOS® is the first rescue system especially developed for scuba diving: highest quality, precise GPS and radio diver locating system. ENOS is the only local rescue system supported by GPS. Precise transmission of GPS position of persons in need, easily displayed on ENOS.

GREENPEACE Germany relies on ENOS®-System
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Receiver screen. It is quickly installed on any boat, even on inflatable vessels.

  • Not a direction finder
  • No bearing of direction is necessary
  • Direct transmission of the alert to the dive boat
  • Precise transmission of the GPS data of the person(s) in need
  • Precise information of distance and bearing to the person(s) in need
  • Receiving and evaluation of multiple alerts at the same time
  • Receiving range up to ~ 6 Nautical Miles
  • Individual identification of each ENOS®-Transmitter
  • Storage of the data
  • Logbook
  • Easy understandable graph on ENOS®-Receiver screen
  • Easy to handle even in stress
  • Robust and solid manufacturing: internal protected antennas avoids damage
  • Pressure proofed up to 330 ft (660 ft)
  • And much, much more ...

For a speedy rescue!

In spite of all precautions, strong currents can still sweep divers into open waters. This results in large-scale search operations which do not always end successfully - since drifting divers are just "tiny drops in the ocean".

Here, the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS® offers substantial help. It is the first GPS satellite based rescue system that supports the search for divers missing on the surface.

Special features:

  • ENOS®-System operates on its own
  • ENOS® is independent of support from coast guards and MRCC, international Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres ENOS® was developed to improve safety, enable a speedy rescue and eliminate the need and high costs of large-scale rescue operations.
  1. the ENOS®-Transmitters, carried by the divers during the dive
  2. and the ENOS®-Receiver, aboard the dive boat.

The ENOS®-System consists of two components:

The Receiver is available in a portable case or permanently installed on the command bridge.

HOW ENOS® works:

  1. The ENOS®-Receiver determines its position (A) through GPS and is then ready to receive any emergency calls from the ENOS®-Transmitters.
  2. The Transmitter, activated by a diver in case of emergency, determines its position (B) through GPS and
  3. relays this GPS data directly to the ENOS®-Receiver via radio (f).
  4. Using the positions (A) and (B) the Receiver then determines the exact location of the missing diver(s) and displays this clearly on its screen.

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