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Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Popular Wreck Dive Locations

For safe diving and snorkeling the following cautions should be considered:

  1. By State law every diver and snorkeler must trail a bright, dive flag so boaters can identify there are people in the water. Be sure your flag has sufficient height and buoyancy to prevent it being pulled under the surface where it would not be visible to boaters. Many divers and snorkelers attach snap hooks to their buoy so they can attach their lobster bags or nets. A snorkeling vest is highly recommended for snorkelers, especially if you feel tired.
  2. Always dive with a buddy.
  3. Watch your weather conditions- beware of strong currents and stormy weather. Some divers use the current to their advantage by getting dropped off up current and then drift dive over the reef. This enables divers to cover a large area with ease. To get yourself out of a rip current swim parallel to the beach and within 20 to 30 feet you will be released from it.
  4. Be a safe diver and dive with certified divers who have been certified through a recognized agency.

Fort Lauderdale and Pompano are home to many great wreck dives. These artificial reefs are all sunken vessels that flourish with lots of marine life with the exception of the Copenhagen, which is a natural reef.

Please come in to Lauderdale Diver to purchase your flag and float as well as any other scuba or snorkeling equipment you may need. We also have a book describing all  the local dive and snorkeling sites from Hollywood to Jupiter, Florida.

Our most popular wreck dives are the following.

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