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We are now an Aqua Lung Public Safetly Dealer

Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung diving equipment has been used for many years by Public Safety dive and rescue teams worldwide and has a reputation for reliability, performance and durability. Core breathing system products such as Apeks regulators provide field-proven capability and performance for SCUBA and surface-supplied diving operations in all environments. Key dive accessories, including fins, diver knives, masks and snorkels, have become benchmark products for the professional diver and the Aqua Lung group continues to develop equipment designed to meet the needs of the Public Safety market. Significant recent developments include ruggedized buoyancy compensators for Military & Professional use, and  surface-supplied diving equipment.


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As we continue to grow and build, we invite you to shop on-line at is committed to serving the needs of the Florida/Bahamas diver, and in support of our national and international customers. We are family owned and operated and we take seriously the trust and relationship afforded to us by both our current and our new customers.

Lionfish - They're Heeerrreee!

On the first day of this year, Joe Marino was diving just outside the Hillsboro Inlet, when he came upon and photographed this small invasive lionfish.

When REEF ( was notified, a seek-and-collect mission was mounted, without success. On that same day, and within ¼ mile, another diver collected a juvenile lionfish. Unfortunately, it appears to be a different fish.

Marine Debris Reporting and Removal Program

Discarded fishing and boating materials (e.g. fishing line, nets, and anchors), plastics (water bottles and bags), household items (chairs) and hurricane related debris (roofing materials) are becoming increasingly more common on southeast Florida reefs. Debris washed by rivers, discarded on beaches, or abandoned by fishers, divers, and boaters can cause damage to sponges and corals, and entangle fish and other reef organisms, resulting in injury or death to these animals. With population growth and human use of southeast Florida reefs on the rise, establishing a program that can minimize the impacts of marine debris is a priority.


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