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Nautilus Lifeline

Nautilus Lifeline
Nautilus Lifeline Nautilus Lifeline side Optional Pouch
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Dive safety just changed forever with the introduction of the Nautilus LifeLine a compact sleek radio GPS for divers.


Depress button for digital selective calling (DSC) transmission of GPS coordinates. Message will either be displayed on the screen of all modern marine radios within 8 mile (12.5) range or as a group call with GPS coordinates and automatic channel switch for all Lifelines belonging to a specific dive boat or group.


We prefer to call this the diver position indicating light. Duel strobes will flash in DISTRESS MODE which is especially usueful after sunset.


Polycarbonate housing depth rated to 425 feet (130 meters). Tough enough to drive a Ford Explorer over during testing. Do not drive over your own lifeline.


Latest version Jupiter 3 GPS receiver displaying latitude and longitude on the LCD display.


Displays GPS position, signal lock, channel in use, battery remaining as well as volume, squelch, channel selection and GPS polling.


Press this button to turn radio GPS on to Ch16, the universal hail and distress channel worldwide on EVERY marine radio. Use this button to select alternate channels 09, 14 or other pre-selected channels. Imbedded software prevents an inexperienced user from inadvertently locking the channel up.


Pressing this button will turn the radio GPS on or switch to user selected marine VHF frequency. Use this button to change channels to any marine frequency. This is a fully functional marine VHF radio. Use both buttons together to adjust volume or squelch, select GPS polling or turn radio off. Unit will timeout and turn off automatically after sleeping > 20 minutes.


Waterproof to IP67 standards. Submersible to 3 feet (1 meter). The cap of your Lifeline can be opened on the surface (only) in any sea state allowing full use of all features.


Used for recharging the battery, downloading GPS log of dive sites onto Googlemap or interface for adjusting advanced settings.


1850 mAh lithium ion battery. Connects to any USB charger. 24 hours of battery life in DISTRESS mode.


VHF whip antenna. Waterproof to IP67 standards. Extend antenna for maximum range. Easy to stow when not in use. Range can be further extended by holding unit above your head in the DISTRESS MODE.

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